Our Story

This is a big transition in my creative journey. I am pushing myself and feeling the energy of my scribs take their own form. I want to capture the fun side of art, the freedom of line, and energy and the imagination we all have in our childhood. My goal is to light the flame of imagination in people and businesses. We create Prints for sale, Personal Prints, Stickers, and Corporate Logo and Branding design. But mostly we create fun!


About Don

Over 20 years experience in art and design and animation. Loves to laugh, and work with teams to create exciting new visions that capture the imagination of us all. He has worked on feature films such as THE BOOK OF LIFE, FREE BIRDS, ROCKDOG, SHERLOCK GNOMES, UGLY DOLLS as well as Television and video game animation, illustration for Rolling Stone Magazine.

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Kristina Witmer Online Marketing Dallas

About Kristina

Over 20 years in marketing and advertising with an early start in the digital space. Nerdy and loves creative solutions. Kristina has spent her career turning ground-breaking ideas into newsworthy achievements. With 20 years of agency-based experience in marketing, advertising and interactive media, Kristina focuses on marketing consulting and developing integrated strategies designed to fuel client growth and improved ROI. She keeps her eye on the big picture, offering an approach to marketing and communications that is both targeted and comprehensive.

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